With over ten years of public speaking experience, Crystal captivates audiences with impactful, practical, and portable messages filled with life wisdom to shift their mindsets. Whether young or young at heart, each speech leaves audiences inspired and motivated to do more.

From speaker--to presenter--to hostess, Crystal has participated in more than 50 events, including company conferences, seminars, webinars, and school assemblies. She has a unique ability to engage each individual in a manner that makes him or her feel seen and understood. Audiences are entertained, educated, and empowered. Her passion shines through as she not only informs her listeners but challenges them as well. Participants do not solely leave her speaking engagements with more knowledge, but they also walk away with inspiration to apply what they've learned to their personal lives.

No matter the audience, Crystal's overall message is the same. She encourages her participants to live out their true purpose with a focus on three key areas: self-discovery, personal development, and transformation.

Unleash Authenticity.


  • Conference Presenter - Building Leadership Confidence - 2024 AAEOPP Student Leadership Conference

  • Workshop Presenter - City of Birmingham Municipal Court Common Grounds 2024

  • Moderator - Digital Safety - 2023 Fine Arts Find Life (FAFL) Community Teen Summit

  • Guest Speaker - University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business

  • “The Art of Public Speaking” 4 week training - Birmingham City Schools & FAFL

  • 3rd Place International Speech Contest - District 77 Toastmasters International

  • 1st Place International Speech Contest - Division B Toastmasters International

  • 1st Place International Speech Contest - Area 22 Toastmasters International

  • “Toast of the Year” Award Dec. 2020 - Birmingham City Toastmasters

  • "Best Toastmaster" Award July 2020 - Birmingham City Toastmasters

  • Keynote Speaker - Women's Wellness Tea, Mt. Olive Baptist Church

  • Keynote Speaker - City of Birmingham Police Athletic Team Sports Banquet

  • Workshop Presenter - The Girls Gone Wise Summit

  • Virtual Presenter - College Planning for Breakthrough Birmingham

  • Workshop Presenter - Interview Preparedness for Birmingham Education Foundation

  • Guest Presenter - Public Service for the Birmingham City Schools Executive Internship Program

  • Workshop Presenter - He's First, She's First Summit for the City of Birmingham Mayor's Office Division of Youth Services

  • Over 50+ School Assemblies, Sports and Extracurricular Banquets


  • Cultivating Leadership Confidence thru Authenticity.

    • Mid-level Managers

    • Student Leadership

  • Personal  & Professional Development

  • Motivational Strategies

  • Child & Teen Focused Inspiration

  • College Readiness & Planning

  • Character Development

  • First Year Experience & Student Success

Crystal  T. Ash - Zipping through Fear

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Building Leadership Confidence

“Consistent core value character actions will cultivate confidence.”

Audiences are saying…

 “Very relevant to my educational needs. She was great and informative. Very helpful for those who struggle with confidence.” Attendees of 2024 AAEOPP Student Leadership Conference

“You were AMAZING!! Thank you! You were absolutely engaging, which is so hard to do with high schoolers, but you had them at the edge of their seat thinking about their future. You’re the best!”Mariohn Michel, Executive Director Breakthrough Birmingham

“I learned how to really plan for college. I learned how I need to apply for many scholarships and even research it. Thank you so much for your time and insightful information. I will definitely apply the knowledge you gave. Thank you Ms. Crystal Ash!” —10th Grader Shades Valley High School

“I learned today that I should try my hardest on every little assignment and not to take any work I’m given with a grain of salt. I also learned to start preparing myself for and working towards my future goals as early as I can. I’ll be sure to find scholarships and programs that will help me achieve my goals as well and I appreciate the bits of knowledge and wisdom you were able to share with me today.” — 10th grader Ramsay High School

“I am not sure what I want to be when I get older. From your talk I learned that you can apply to as many scholarships as you want and I learned that you don’t always have to have a plan to be successful. Thank you for speaking to us today because it really inspired me to give my all in anything I set to do.” — 10th Grader Shades Valley High School

To connect with Crystal for your next event: 

Email crystal.t.ash@gmail.com

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