“Writing is the language of the unheard and unseen child. The words of a greater writer make you want to start over after the last sentence. The words have to be reflected upon and absorbed again."

Crystal has always had a love for words, books, and reading. This undeniable passion led to her desire to pen her very first book, Lessons from My Grandma's Table.

Crystal's approach to storytelling is much like her approach to public speaking. She uses conversational words and phrases to effectively draw in her readers. She paints pictures throughout every page, which allows a first-hand view from inside each scene. As a writer, Crystal is sure to pay attention to the details and deliver her words with clarity. She has a unique ability to transform complex thoughts and ideas into simple language that is easily understood.

While she is set to release her first book, Crystal is no stranger to writing and has seen her work published across multiple platforms. She's worked as a contributing writer to NotoriousSHE, an online magazine. She's also served as a guest blogger for A Belle in Brooklyn and Clutch Magonline.

Crystal's writing style and method are sure to leave a good impression. Her words are painted with a genuine love and passion that allows her stories to come alive right before her readers' eyes.

Lessons from My Grandma’s Table

Crystal's debut book, Lessons from My Grandma's Table, is a combination of life-defining moments addressing issues of rejection, bullying, death, and teen alcoholism. These experiences, as disheartening as they sound, each led to the unearthing of purpose and self-discovery.

Drawing on inspiration from conversations held at her own grandmother's table, Crystal uses insights and stories from her life to bring her book to fruition.  Each "lesson" is packed with life's wisdom and insights for inspiration, personal development, and transformation.

Lessons from My Grandma's Table will take you on a journey of self-discovery. You’ll be able to identify life-defining moments and uncover the inspiring lessons of wisdom gained by everyday encounters. You will also find it easy to relate to Crystal's own life voyage…filled with ups and downs, heartbreaks, and victories.

Lessons from My Grandma's Table will make you laugh, cry, and, perhaps, more importantly, reflect. Allow the book to serve as the inspiration you need to examine your own life's experiences and determine the lessons you likely should have learned along the way. But readers shouldn't stop there. Once you've identified those areas, you will then be able to take the necessary steps towards self-discovery and walking in your true purpose…and that's when the real healing begins.

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